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About Us


Opia is an independent Byron Bay based clothing label producing simplistic, delicate clothing for everyday wear, inspired by a love of nature and the ocean. Opia uses textured raw materials to create effortless, beautifully made clothing. Opia came to fruition in Byron Bay, drawing inspiration from nature and love of sustainable fashion with a focus on achieving rich colourways from plant based, raw materials, and colours inspired by nature. Born from a dream to create a feminine soft clothing line, the most recent collection reflects a minimalist nature and simplistic designs to flatter all shapes and sizes. Timeless in any wardrobe, Opia remains unaffected by the ever changing trends of todays fashion.

Opia started being predominately hand made in Byron Bay - while all designs are still made locally by the designer, Opia now seeks off shore production, with a beautiful family in Indonesia tailoring the garments in small production runs to ensure sustainable and ethically made clothing.

Our small family run team is paid above award wages,  our team is working in a clean light filled environment - and we feel so lucky to have connected with and to be working along side with these artisans.


We are a small business dedicated to ethical practises, but we also hold high value in our pieces being created in the most sustainable way possible. We only use natural fibres, our products are packaged in casava based packaging, and sent out in compostable bags. We donate the offcuts and excess of our materials to the local community where our pieces are produced, which are created into wares that are sold at the local markets.

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